Fall Creek Falls Tri Training: Week 3

I got back on track this week, with my work-outs & my eating.  According to MyFitnessPal, I've logged on for 160 days & am down 13 lbs.  I'll take it!

P2T coaching:  3 x (8 minute jog / 1 minute walk)

Strength training:  60 minute circuit class / Hell Class
Pool swim:  30 minute lap swim

EN run:  Run # 7, Little Hollywood, 3.22 miles
Short ride:  5.4 miles (it started storming)
P2T coaching:  (it stopped storming) 2 x (12 minute jog / 1 minute walk)

n/a - out of town for work

Pancake run:  3 miles (at a 10 minute mile!!!)

P2T coaching:  jog first 2.5 miles of the course
*OWS:  1600 meter swim in Percy Priest Lake

Long ride:  30 miles on Natchez Trace
Brick practice:  3 miles

*I'm swimming at the Anderson Road Rec Area.  Does anyone know the distance of the swim area/rectangle?  I was told it's 400 meters & I swam 4 links in 33 minutes, which should be right, but I'm curious...

I learned two things this week:  1) I'm uncomfortable talking about my training with friends who have no frame of reference for it - it feels like humble bragging; & 2) I'm burned out, which, according to my friend Kathy Mead, means I'm doing it right.  Insert cry face emoji here.

14 days to race day!

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