Weekend Wrap Up: Natchez Trace Edition

On Friday night, I saw by boo,



Salon NFuse

for a trim & highlight.  Then I came home to find one of John's clients *riding the dragon in our garage.  Because that's something that happens?!  Said client rode that dragon right on out of here, John left for the night & I made myself spaghetti & kept on with my Fourth of July

The Americans


*Contrary to the 1,000 episodes of


I've seen, I have no idea what "riding the dragon" means.  In the event that it means anything related to heroin &/or crack, that's not what I meant & I apologize to any present &/or future employers who had the misfortune of finding this blog in a Google search.

On Saturday, in the POURING RAIN, I drove to East Nashville to coach my Potato to Tomato group. We ran the 3 mile Tomato 5K course.  In the rain.  Did I mention it was raining?  Towards the end of the run, I heard one of the runners say she had to go to open water swim practice after the run.  I also had to go to open water swim practice after the run, so I ran up to her & found out we were going to the same place.  I went & got Lana, she went & got her husband & we met back up at Anderson Road Beach Area.

Y'all, it was POURING.  And had been for 3 days.  The guard shack attendant was really hesitant to let us in to swim.  He said the beach was flooded & the water level poles were under water - to BE CAREFUL.  We parked, were the only car/people there, walked down to the water & decided not to do it.  Then our friends pulled up.  The four of us stood there looking at the swim area for a long time & ultimately decided to do it.  Paul, Karen's husband, is training for Ironman Louisville & felt fine about it.  He offered to go in first & let us follow behind him.  Getting in was the hardest part.  Once we were in, we just swam like normal.

I mean, there was zero visibility under water & all kinds of weird stuff touched me that never touches me, but it was fine.  It was actually nice to swim with three other people because I could practice passing.  I also swam a lot harder & faster because I was trying to keep up with Paul & Karen.  In fact, I swam so HAM that I have bruises on my arm that appear to be broken capillaries.  HAM, y'all.  Totes HAM.

Afterwards at Barista, Lana & I were talking about all the different things that irrationally scare us in open water.  I told her about the movie

The Impossible

& that every single time we start open water swimming, I envision a tsunami hitting & all this shit hitting me under water, like cars, at a really high speed.  Then Lana lays a game changer on me & proceeds to tell me about this movie where a serial killer chains his lady victims to concrete blocks at the bottom of a lake in full hair & makeup.  So every time Lana gets in open water & feels something brush past her (which happens about every 30 seconds), she envisions it's either one of the dead ladies at the bottom of the lake, OR the killer trying to pull her down & add her to his collection.  Real talk.

On Sunday, our new tri training friend Karen invited Lana & I to join her on Natchez Trace for a ride.  We met at Mile Marker 440 & rode 20 miles.  I loved it!  I didn't clip in since it was my first time on the Trace, but I bought shoes this weekend & will probably be clipping in from now on.  Watch out, world!

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