Fall Creek Falls Tri Training: Week 2

I had an off week last week.  I had PMS (sorry, but I did), I had scheduling snafus & I just generally felt stressed, tired & a little sad.  I missed my weekday short ride & my open water swim, but what are you going to do.

I missed my P2T coaching session

Strength training:  60 minute circuit class/Hell Class
I missed my short ride

EN run:  Run # 6, Riverside, 4.6 miles
P2T Coaching:  5 minute brisk walk + 2 x (10 minute run / 3 minute walk) + 5 minute brisk walk

Strength training:  60 minute circuit class/Hell Class
Pool swim:  30 minute lap swim

Pancake run:  3 miles

P2T Coaching:  Warm up + 2 mile run on course + cool down
Long ride:  30 miles
Brick practice:  2 miles

Race volunteer at Music City Tri (stood in sun for 6 hours waving a flag)

It's been a long time since I had an off week, but this week was OFF.  Some of it I could help, some of it I couldn't.  A lot of poor food choices were made.  This past weekend, I way over-ate, but shit, I worked out from 7am - 12pm on Saturday.  This Athena was HUNGRY.  My weight's up by a few pounds, but I'll get back on track this week.

20 days to race day!

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