Weekend Wrap Up: P2T Edition

Every year, East Nasty hosts a free couch to 5k program to train for the Tomato 5k in August.  The program is called

Potato to Tomato

, or P2T.  I coached for the first time last year & am coaching again this year.  Do I have room for 3 more work-outs in my schedule?  No.  But coaching new runners is important to me, so I'll figure it out.

P.S. The program officially started on Saturday, but it's not too late to join.  If interested, we're meeting at the Nature Center in Shelby Bottoms tonight at 6pm.  It's free.  Just show up!  More info



Jaime & I love a Belcourt matinee.  This week we saw

Stories We Tell

.  We both heard the Fresh Air interview with director, Sarah Polley & were intrigued.  It's an interesting story for sure.  The movie was good, not great - a little too long.

The Old Hickory Triathlon is THIS SATURDAY, so yesterday was our last chance for an open water swim practice.  Me, Lana & Jonell piled into my car & headed to the Anderson Road Rec Area.  This isn't Jonell's first rodeo, so she smartly suggested we swim outside the barrier to get a feel for what the water will really be like on race day, which we thought was a good call.  Can you hear the foreshadowing in my voice?

Yeah, we totally almost got kicked out of the rec area.  I was oblivious that any of this was going on because I was swimming the hardest swim of my life, & I can't hear underwater, but apparently an old man on a golf cart who patrols the beach yelled at us on a bullhorn to get back inside the barrier for like the entire time we were swimming.  I had no idea.  Jonell & I were going totes rogue & did the whole swim out in the lake, but Lana heard him & swam back into the approved swim zone, which I guess appeased him as he drove away & never came back.

Y'all, that swim yesterday was ROUGH.  Literally & figuratively.  It's the hardest I've ever swam.  Every other stroke, a wave went over my head.  It actually made for a good rhythm, but I got super sea sick.  When I stopped swimming & tried to stand up, I couldn't because I was so dizzy.  When I quit dry heaving (not really), I realized I'm kind of a badass & should probably be on



No rest for the wicked.  After our swim, we drove back to East Nashville, hopped on our bikes & did a 10 mile ride.  I wasn't sure I ever wanted to ride my bike again after the great 5.8 debacle of last Tuesday, but I persevered.  Also, my new bike gloves helped.  Oooh!  And I rode on an actual road yesterday!  This is a big deal.  We rode from Lana's house to Shelby.  Look at me, conquering fears!

We were going to run after our ride, but were too distracted by hunger, so we broke for the day & went foraging for food.  I think Jonell went home to grill out & Lana & I went to Five Point Pizza for my favorite post-work out meal of "salty bready things".  I wish I could quit you, garlic knots.

I had left my house at 7:45am & by the time I got home from lunch, it was 1:30pm.  I took a shower, washed the lake-catfish off of me & then fell asleep on the couch.  John woke me up for dinner, I ate something, tacos?, & then went to bed.  This?  This is why I have no social life.

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