Weekend Wrap Up: Open Water Swim Edition

On Friday, my sister came to Nashville to drop Abigail off to spend the night with me.  Abigail's three little sisters came along for the ride.  The twins are scared of Linda, but they eventually warmed up to her.  Linda was a good sport, but she was definitely in over her head.

In between back-to-back episodes of

Hannah Montana

, I introduced Abigail to Sweet CeCe's.  As you can see, she changed into her frozen yogurt finery for the occasion.  She also dressed me up.  I had to wear 3 necklaces, 2 bracelets on each arm, all of my rings & my gold high heels (with jeggings).  I looked like a colorblind hooker.

My sister picked Abigail up early on Saturday morning, so I had the whole day to myself.  Everyone keeps telling me to check out

Hey Rooster General Store

, so I headed east.  Y'all, this store is my spirit animal.  I love it so much.  Please go check it out if you haven't already.

With all afternoon to kill, I decided to hit the Marshall's by my house & the secret Bellevue TJ Maxx.  Marshall's was a bust, but TJ Maxx had tri suits!  The Speedo one is actually the same one I was going to buy on Amazon for $68.  The TYR one was obscene.  No one needs to see that much of my back.  And by back, I mean butt.  I bought the Speedo suit for $16.99.  $16.99!!  Take that, Amazon!

My dinner plans fell through, so I decided to stay home & carb-load, obvs.  Since spaghetti immediately puts me in a coma, I have no idea what else I did.  I probably fell asleep on the couch watching something educational, like



My first open water swim triathlon is in (gulp) two weeks, which probably means I should start practicing swimming in open water.  Yesterday was the day, until I woke up & it was storming.  Lana & I decided to risk it & drove out there anyway.  It literally stopped raining long enough for us to swim one lap & then the sky opened up, it started storming again & we had to run to the car.

The swim was great!  I've really built up my endurance over the past month, which is handy since there are no walls in a lake to grab onto & catch your breath on.  We got in a solid 16 minute swim & then about 5 minutes of practicing how the swim will start on race day before Storm Town happened.

We were supposed to ride after the swim, but... Storm Town, so we went to Barista instead.  Of course we did.  Sixteen minutes of swimming = moto biscuit:  Kim math.

I've been dying to see

Frances Ha

, but couldn't fit it in last week.  Luckily, the Belcourt extended it & I was able to go see it yesterday with Jaime.  This movie is sooooo good!  I highly recommend you find time to see it before it's gone on Friday.

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