Weekend Wrap Up: Memorial Day Edition

I spent Saturday morning enjoying a free birthday yoga class at my new favorite yoga studio,

Shakti Yoga

.  I haven't been a lot in the past month, but going on Saturday reminded me of how much I love yoga.  I don't know how I think I'm going to fit anymore work-outs into this schedule, but maybe I can squeeze in a class a week.  Maybe...

After yoga, I went to


 to cash in my free birthday latte courtesy of my friend Melanie.  I had to install Square Wallet to use it.  Y'all, the future is now.

I took my free local honey latte (thank you, Melanie!) & went across the street to my friend Jaime's house to see the spoils of her recent Opry Mills shopping spree & help her put together outfits.  Jaime returned the favor on Sunday by picking up another Forever 21 bracelet that I was lusting over & putting it in my mailbox.  Friends who enable your gold, spiky bracelet addiction are the best!

I spent the rest of Saturday reading outside on our deck.  My free library kindle edition of 

I Want My MTV

expired on Sunday, so I was frantically trying to finish it.  Spoiler alert:  I didn't.  But I love it!  I just need to buy it so I can finish it.

Since my family spent last weekend cheering me on during my triathlon, we pushed my birthday celebration to this weekend.  My mom knows how much I love Jeni's Ice Cream, so they drove up & met us for lunch at Rosepepper, then took us across the street for ice cream.

These J & K letters are bookends!  Made out of books!  My mom found the K & bought it, then had the shop teacher at her school make the J out of a book she bought at Goodwill.  Aren't they cute?!  I love them!

My dad took this picture of me, my mom & John eating our ice cream.  Afterwards, John & I went to


to buy

Daft Punk

& then we drove around all afternoon listening to it.  I was craving a hamburger, so John went to the store, got all the fixins & grilled us some hamburgers, which we ate while watching ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT!!!

I honestly spent the majority of yesterday lounging around the house & playing on the internet.  I spent HOURS organizing my Pinterest page - making new, more specific boards & deleting pins, etc.  After lunch, I pulled myself together & headed east for a Memorial Day East Nasty Splashdown.  Like all successful pool parties, inflatable Kim Kardashian was in attendance.  She says, "Hey, y'all!"

I rounded out my 3-day weekend by watching

The Impossible

last night.  That movie is INTENSE.  I'm pretty sure I broke my tear ducts.  Good movie though.

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