Weekend Wrap Up: I Cut Off My Hair Edition

I accidentally didn't cut my hair for two years & then this happened on Friday.  It was fun having long hair & y'all know how much I loved my top knot, but I was bored with it.  This new cut is going to be a lot of fun.

Cut & color by



Salon Nfuse


Saturday = brick practice.  We (me, Dawn & Heidi) rode 10 miles, then immediately ran 2 miles.  The same distance as our tri this weekend.  Afterwards, we went to Barista Parlor for coffee & breakfast.  Loving Barista's new sign!

Later I hit the mall with Jaime to cash in some birthday month coupons.  Can we talk about the witchery that takes place at Soma?  Every time I go in there, I walk out $100 poorer.  Every time!  Witchery, I tell you.  Straight up, bra witchery.

Yesterday, John & I spent the day with my family for Mother's Day.  I hilariously realized that my seven year old niece & I have the exact same haircut, so...  that's awesome.  By the way, check out this picture of me & my parents from 1977.  I was 17 months old.  And yes, I was a baby model.  Not really.  But I totally could have been.

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