Weekend Wrap Up: Baby Shower Edition

On Friday night, my friend Lana treated me to an early birthday present:  tickets to The Black Keys.  Because all concerts in Nashville sell out in the same second they go on sale, Lana was only able to get "limited sight" seats.  We were pleasantly surprised when we sat down & could actually see the stage.  Apparently the backstage passes I'M SURE

my friend Dan Auerbach

secured for me got lost in the mail.

The Flaming Lips opened for The Black Keys, & as much as it pains me to say this, they were the highlight of the night.  Wayne Coyne BLEW MY MIND.  Obviously, I love The Black Keys, but their show paled in comparison to The Flaming Lips.  Something was wrong with The Black Keys live mix & we couldn't hear Dan's vocals, & Patrick's beat always seemed to be too fast.  We had a blast, but we were both a little disappointed with The Black Keys.  Tear...

On Saturday, Lauren & I hosted a baby shower for Tiffany & Chris, who drove down from New York for the weekend.  Tiffany's family from West Tennessee came & all of our friends & family came.  It was a great day.  Tiff & Chris made out like bandits on gifts from their registry & that's not even including all the loot they got later from Essex!

Tiff & Chris under the banner it took me 2 weeks to make.  Baby girl Kurtz is due in late June & I can't wait to meet the world's tallest, blue-est eyed baby!  Full baby shower photostream on Facebook &



No rest for the wicked.  I wrapped up the baby shower, threw on some jeggings (because I ate ONE HUNDRED DONUTS) & headed to Brentwood for Melanie & Troy's Quatro de Mayo party.  I may have had a margarita & a bushwhacker, at the same time...

From left to right:  Lana, Jessica, moi & Melanie.

My triathlon is in like 5 minutes & I've only ridden my bike once.  BECAUSE IT'S RAINED EVERY DAY FOR THE PAST TWO WEEKS.  Ugh.  Lana & I decided we were riding yesterday come hell or high water, literally on the high water part.  The greenways are all flooded, so we rode to the stadium & back & around Shelby until we hit 8 miles, then we hopped off & ran about 1.5 miles.  Lawd, I forgot how hard bricks are.

It wouldn't be a work-out unless I immediately consumed the same amount (or more) of calories that I just burned.  Hello, Barista Parlor!  I wish I could quit you, moto biscuit.

Back at home, I laid down on the couch & watched


.  I liked it, but I'm still processing Javier Bardem's weird character.  I'm so confused about his ethnicity!  I was supposed to go to a friend's birthday party last night, but John had to work & I fell asleep on the couch & never woke up.  I'm sorry!

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