I Like Big Books & I Cannot Lie!

Somehow this week I ended up with four library books, all due back in two weeks.  I don't know who I  think I am.  The last book I read was a 200 page YA novel & it still took me like 2 months to read.  I can't even read one book in two weeks, let alone four.  The book that you can't see is the ebook on my Kindle,

I Want My MTV

by Rob Tannenbaum.

Using the

Nashville Public Library

is new to me.  Clearly.  My friend


told me about their app, which lets you check out books on your iPhone or Ipad & then choose which library branch to pick it up from.  They email you when it's there & they email you when it's due.  So easy!  And free!

So I went through & got on the waitlist for some books I've been wanting to read & they all came in at the same time.  Of course they did.  I think the ebook I actually have to read in two weeks, but everything else I can renew for extra time if needed.

I started reading

Let's Pretend This Never Happened

first & should finish it today, then I'll start my ebook since it's due back next week.  Then I'll tackle the other two.  I'm also still on the waitlist for Michael Pollan's new book,


, but there are 30+ people ahead of me so surely I can finish these before I get that one.  Surely.


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