Birchbox Review: April

I was a tad underwhelmed when I opened last month's


, but I ended up really liking most of the products.  Here's what I got!

(Malin + Goetz) | bergamot body wash

Birchbox description:  A natural antiseptic, the bergamot in this glycerin-packed cleanser keeps limbs soft & soothed.  Full-size, $18

My Review:

 I was introduced to Malin + Goetz last year when John & I stayed at the 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville & the bathroom was full of their products.  I meant to buy some of the stuff we used during our stay, but never did, so I was super excited when I received this bergamot body wash in my Birchbox.  I love it!  A lot of reviewers don't like the scent.  It's a light, unique scent, but I like it.  And it's very moisturizing, which surprised me.  I bought this!

Kiehl's | Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate

Birchbox description:  With a hefty 10.5 percent pure vitamin C, this targeted anti-aging serum brightens skin, protects against free radical damage, & softens wrinkles.  Full-size, $58

My Review:

 I love Kiehl's & use a lot of their products, although I tend to stick to the basics & not their pricier anti-aging stuff.  I've used a sample of this product before - from the store, not Birchbox. I like it & it feels good on my skin, but I'm not at a point where I'm going to buy a $58 serum yet.  Yet...

Nexxus | Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Elixir

Birchbox description:  It's not just your skin that needs anti-aging help.  This new shine-boosting serum cures dry strands & reduces the odds of age-related breakage.  Full-size, $20.99

My Review:

 This is a strange product.  Does my hair needs an anti-aging serum?  The first time I used this, it made my hair a little greasy, so I used less product the next time & it's okay.  It doesn't seem to do anything to my hair either way.  Pass.

Supergoop! | Daily Correct SPF 35 CC Cream

Birchbox description:  This  next-generation CC cream provides corrective coverage & triple protects against UVA, UVB, & infrared-A rays.  Full-size, $32

My Review:

 I was excited to receive this because I've heard about it & people seem to love it, but it's not for me.  The main problem was that it was too dark for my skin, which I sadly didn't realize until I had slathered it all over my face.  So I went with it & wore it to work for a day.  I got used to the color, but afterwards, my face broke-out.  I think it's too thick for me.  I gave this sample away to a friend with a darker complexion.  Too heavy for me, especially this time of year.

Simple | Revitalizing Eye Roll-On

Birchbox description:  A complex of skin-loving ingredients gently revitalizes tired eyes.  Pro-vitamin B restores & softens your delicate skin, while cucumber extract & glycerin work together to hydrate & refresh.  Full-size, $10.99

My Review:

 I like Simple products & use their face wipes after races & on nights I'm too tired to do anything more than swipe a wipe across my face, but this roll-on falls short.  At my age, I need a lot more from an eye cream.  This feels good as you roll it on, especially after swimming in goggles, but it doesn't moisturize AT ALL.  I'll keep the sample, but will not be buying this one.

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