Weekend Wrap Up: Straight Up Selfie Edition

Awkward selfie alert.  I just wanted y'all to see how long my hair is.  I have an appointment next week to cut it.  Every time I tell someone that, they lose their mind.  People, it's just hair.  It'll grow back.  I will mourn the loss of my top knot though.  Sigh...

This is with Mary Katherine at Corsair Distillery on Saturday night.  Our friends Brian & Melissa are moving to Asheville & their going away party was on Saturday night.  *Tear.

Afterwards, we all headed east for dinner at

Lockeland Table

.  I tasted most of the appetizers:  crab & corn fritter, tater tots & the pork belly pizza.  I ordered the bone-in pork loin & John ordered the NY strip.  My pork was delish, but John's steak wins the prize.  We also sampled two desserts:  the peanut butter empanadas & the donuts.  Everything was so good!.  It was pricey, but delicious.

On Sunday morning, I met Jaime & Lana for a run at Shelby.  It was touch & go with the weather, but we got 3 miles in.  Then, OF COURSE, we treated ourselves to Barista Parlor.  Hello, cold brew!

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