Weekend Wrap Up: Oak Barrel Edition

This weekend I ran my third half marathon, the Oak Barrel Half in Lynchburg, TN.  In contrast to the other two half marathons I've run, this one was stupid hilly & warm, bordering on hot.  Luckily, we ran one of the preview runs, so we knew what we were in for & trained accordingly.  I'm looking at you, PW 11.2...  Turns out, all that hill training worked because I ran Oak Barrel 2 minutes faster than


.  Ha!  Hello, 2013 PR!  That, ladies & gentlemen, is what we call 'going HAM'.

Here I am afterwards with my awesome lady running team:  Jaime, Melanie, Lana & Heidi.  We've been training together since November & have collectively run 11 half marathons since January.  Respect.

You know what you eat when you get up at 4:00am, drive to Lynchburg & run uphill in 70 degree full-on sun for 2-1/2 to 3 hours?  Waffle House.  Believe it.

Hilarious aside:  Lana is a vegetarian & had a hard time finding a breakfast plate that didn't come with meat.  After she ordered, she went to wash her hands & our waitress came over & said, "Does your friend not like meat?"  We told her she's a vegetarian AND THEN she said, "She's not one of them vegans, is she?"  Ha!  Oh, Shelbyville.

There's no picture to prove this, but on Saturday night we went to dinner with Michael & Becky.  We went to this "New" (inside joke) Mexican restaurant in Green Hills called


.  It was actually good!  I had the pineapple cilantro margarita & the fried avocado taquitos.

As I mentioned in my

last post

, I'm switching gears from marathon season to triathlon season.  Hilariously, I tend to forget that my husband reads my blog.  We were eating lunch yesterday & John asked me if I wanted to go shopping for whatever I need for my upcoming triathlon, his treat.  Um, yes please!  Yay, husbands!

We went to REI first, but they didn't have a lot, so we went to Cumberland Transit.  They had more selection, they were cheaper & they had a lot of stuff on sale for 40% off.  Score!

I had a size-related, mini melt down in the dressing room.  Y'all, trying on tri kits is hard.  Imagine putting on pink, mesh, head to toe Spanx & then trying to convince yourself that you do not, in fact, look like a hot pink sausage.

But I persevered, mainly because there are rules against doing triathlons naked.  Cumberland Transit haul:  windbreaker bike vest, tri shorts & tri top - all Pearl Izumi.  The vest & the top were 40% off.  Oh, & chain lube & a bell.  Duh.  You oblivious idiots on the Shelby greenway are going to hear me this year.  DING DING!

What do you do when you've been trying on spandex all day & feel like the fattest person in fat town?  You eat fried catfish & watch Mad Men.  Alas, I live to fight another day.

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