Weekend Wrap Up: Fox Pup Edition

On Friday, I went wedding dress shopping with Mary Katherine.  Not only did every dress fit her, they all looked good on her!  I explained that this is not everyone's experience.  I couldn't even get in most wedding dresses & the sales associates would hold the dress up in front of me & tell me to imagine what I would look like in it.  True story.  Mary Katherine however, has a body made for wedding dresses & is going to be a GORGEOUS bride!

On Saturday, my Oak Barrel training group ran our last training run before the half marathon this Saturday.  No more runs, whoo hoo!  We ran a short, flat, 60 minute run & then re-fueled at Bread & Co. before parting ways for Easter weekend.

For dinner, we met our pals Keith & Nicole at Thai Phooket.  We tried to eat at The Pharmacy, but they don't take reservations & were on a 90 minute wait.  A little much for a restaurant John swears is no better than Sonic.

Yesterday was the first Sunday since November that I didn't have to wake up & run a long run.  In honor of this, I gave myself the day off of MyFitnessPal, too.  We had leftover buttermilk from last week's hot chicken, so I decided to make buttermilk pancakes.  Um, yeah, I did!  They were delicious.  I used

this recipe

.  Also, the app I'm using to put font on my pictures is called Over.  More



Sometimes I get irrationally mad at inanimate objects in our house.  The most recent victim of my wrath is our shower curtain.  A friend talked me into this shower curtain years ago when it was on sale at Urban.  I've never liked it.  We got a $50 Target gift card for Easter, so I bought a new shower curtain (& rug).  I maybe need to iron it & I definitely need to re-paint the bathroom, but my shower curtain wrath has subsided for now.  In related news, if anyone wants an Orla Kiely knock-off shower curtain from Urban Outfitters, it's yours.

When I said I took yesterday off, I mean I TOOK YESTERDAY OFF.  I watched two movies (

The Imposter



), drank a milkshake & then John & I drove around looking at houses we can't afford.  While we were driving around, we came upon two cars stopped in the middle of a street, looked & there were 4 fox pups playing on the side of the road.  They were soaking wet & covered in mud, but they were having a fox blast.

When we drove back by, they were climbing in & out of this drain pipe.  John rolled down his window & howled at them.  They were climbing all over each other to watch him & then they started making these cute, little fox noises back at him.  Foxes!  We also saw two groundhogs, but they weren't as photogenic.

John's been itching to make carnitas, like the real way, with lard.  I told him he could do it yesterday on my day off.  They were delicious!

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