Triathlon Season




I haven't even run my second half marathon yet (it's on Saturday) & I'm already switching gears to triathlon season.  And by "season", I mean the one tri sprint I'm registered for.  I competed in my first triathlon last August, which you can read about


.  That race was the Girls Tri It On hosted by Team Magic.  Sticking with Team Magic, I'm now registered for the Cedars Of Lebanon Tri on May 18, along with Mary Katherine, Lana, Heidi & Alicia.  It'll be a birthday triathlon for me & Mary Katherine.  Team Taurus!

I didn't buy any tri gear last year because I wasn't sure I'd ever do one again.  I borrowed my husband's old, college mountain bike (y'all) & I borrowed a tri kit from Lana.  John bought me a road bike for Christmas, so if I ever learn how to ride it, I'll assuredly be 1,000 times faster.  Here's a picture of my new bike:

Okay, let's list this out.  First list:  questions.

  • I bought my bike in Nov & it's been sitting in my garage ever since.  Do I need someone to check it out and/or give it a tune-up before I start riding it?
  • Can one of my bike friends do this or do I need to take it to a bike shop?  Marshall?  Andy?
  • Can one of my patient girlfriends teach me how to shift?  Like next weekend?
  • I also need to learn how to clip-in, but I'm thinking about keeping the toe cages on for the race & learning how to clip-in after the race.  I bought the pedals, I just haven't put them on yet.

Second list:  things to buy.

  • Swimsuit
  • Tri shorts
  • New bike helmet
  • Clip-in shoes (to fit Shimano R-540 road pedals, size 7 - 7.5)
  • Race number belt

Third list:  to do.

  • Buy tri shorts & race number belt.
  • Get bike checked out.
  • Learn how to shift & start riding bike.
  • Start swimming & hopefully remember how.

I'd love to hear from my tri & bike friends on this, particularly in regards to tuning up my bike & learning how to shift, but any & all advice is welcome.

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