Weekend Wrap Up: Whiskey Hill Edition

On Friday night, John & I stayed in.  John made steaks & I watched

Magic Mike

.  I can't remember which one of you recommended this movie to me, but whoever you are, you are dead to me.  Y'all, that movie is TERRIBLE!

On Saturday, I got up & went to

Shakti Yoga

.  Alas, my 30 days for $30 package expired, so for now, I'm just going once a week.  I'd love to keep up twice a week, but I'd have to cut out Tattlys & lattes from my budget, & you know how much I love Tattlys & lattes.

On Saturday night, we met Jenn & Rogers for sushi dinner at PM.  It was a good time - we sat outside, drank wine, I accidentally ate the mound of wasabi...

On Sunday, me, Heidi, Lana & Melanie piled into my car & drove to Lynchburg for a

Whiskey Hill Preview Run

.  The Oak Barrel Half we're all doing on April 6th includes a hill that starts between 3.5 - 4 miles into the run & continues for 1 mile up to the top of a ridge line.  Mach 10, who puts on the race, arranged these preview runs to get runners acquainted with the course, specifically Whiskey Hill.

The preview run yesterday was 7.5 miles, the first 4 of which were uphill.  I was dehydrated from my wine/sushi/wasabi bonanza Saturday night & had a hard time.  My calves were locking up & those hills are no joke.  Whiskey Hill sucked, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  Three mile hill on the 5.8 PW trail is a lot harder.

I'm glad we did the preview run.  I like knowing what to expect on race day.  Afterwards, we treated ourselves to the Iron Kettle.  Poor Lana - it was hard times for a vegetarian at a meat-and-three.  While we all chowed down on chicken & dressing, she got a side salad & an order of tater tots.

Last night John & I made RIBS!!!  We've never made ribs before & I think I can safely say, we nailed it. Recipe coming later in the week.

Chinese Noodles with Baked Sriracha Ribs

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