Birchbox Review: February

I think this is my favorite


yet.  Of the four products I received, I've already bought one & plan to buy two more as soon as possible.  Here's what I got!

Color Club | Nail Polish in Mamba

Nothing says red carpet like an ultraglossy crimson mani.  We love this juicy cherry hue.  Full-size, $8.

My Review

:  I haven't used this yet.  I already own a couple different shades of red nail polish.  I like the hues of Color Club, but the polish doesn't stay on as long as other brands.

Jouer | Matte Moisture Tint

This SPF 15 oil-free tinted moisturizer blends in beautifully to even out skin & control shine.  Full-size, $38.

My Review

:  I love this!  As soon as my Laura Mercier runs out, I'm switching to this.  It goes on better & provides more coverage than I'm used to.  I received the Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint in a previous box & didn't like it.  But this matte one, I love!  I'm buying this one.

Kerastase | Masque Chroma Riche

Designed to hydrate color-treated or dry strands, this nourishing mask has a built-in UV filer to keep highlights from fading.  Full-size, $61.

My Review

:  I'm starting to wonder how I lived 36 years without hair masks.  Birchbox has changed my hair life.  You all know I love the

amika Obliphica Nourishing Mask

& have been using it for months, but this Kerastase mask, aka "hair crack", is my new favorite mask.  It's the price of a car payment, but it's so worth it.  I'm buying this, too.

Vasanti | Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

This exfoliating cleanser uses professional-grade (read:  effective) microderm crystals & papaya enzymes to brighten skin.  Full-size, $34.

My Review

:  I actually just ran out of face scrub & was thinking about buying the

Benefit Refined Finish Facial Polish

 I received a few boxes ago.  But then I received this Brighten Up! sample & fell in love with it, so I bought it instead!  I've probably used every face scrub that exists, drug store & dept store brands, & this is my favorite one.  I have sensitive skin & tend to over-scrub, leaving my face red & probably minus a layer of epidermis.  But not with this one.  It has both scrubbers & healers, so it doesn't leave your face red.  Science.  I don't understand.  But it works!  And I love it!  Highly recommend this one.

Yay, Birchbox!

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