Weekend Wrap Up: Scout Dark Thirty Edition


Friday!  I actually didn't order this one, it's one of the freebies that came with my last order.

I was supposed to run 9 miles on Saturday morning, but it was pouring down rain during the short window of time I had, so the run didn't happen.  But I did get my nails done.  The color is OPI Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It.

We had a house guest this weekend.  A really short, really furry house guest.  Mary Katherine & Marshall went out of town, so Scout came to stay with us.  I feel like the above picture accurately conveys the varying levels of excitement between the two respective parties.  When MK checked in, I told her they spend all day sleeping & politely ignoring each other, to which she responded, "Just like the Royals!"

It rained here ALL WEEKEND, so I finished


& started

The Casual Vacancy

.  First of all,


was all I'd hoped it would be.  It kind of completes me.  I've heard nothing but meh reviews of

The Casual Vacancy

, but

Ann Patchett loves it

, I love Harry Potter & I refuse to accept that it's bad.  I'm only less than a hundred pages in, but I like it so far.  High hopes!

On Saturday night, we met our friends Jeff & Ashlee for dinner at Coco's Italian Market.  I wish this picture showed the rest of Ashlee's outfit, so you could see her purple Uggs, orange knee socks & aztec hot pants.

On Sunday (still raining, still not running), Heidi & I met for a bagel date.  Heidi is battling a back injury & hasn't been able to work-out, so we got together to catch up on all the things we usually talk about while we're running.

Zero Dark Thirty

finally opened here this weekend & we went to see it yesterday afternoon.  I don't know if I've processed it enough to talk about it yet.  Parts of it were hard to watch; parts of it were surreal to watch.  Kathryn Bigelow doesn't make feel good movies & this is obviously not that, but it's a well thought out, well made movie.

I'm glad I watched it & I definitely recommend it, but I want to talk about what disturbed me most about this movie - all the kids in the theater.  This movie is rated R, first of all.  I can see the appeal a movie like this would have to a 16 or 17 year old boy, but these weren't teenagers.  They were kids.   Kids that appeared to be between the ages of 7 & 11.  Granted, these kids were accompanied by adults, but they shouldn't have been in there in the first place.

This movie is 2 hours & 37 minutes of adult language & graphic violence.  I understand that this may be a topic parents want their children to know about & understand, but I don't think this movie is the vehicle for that.  Had I seen a movie like this at that age, I would have been horrified.  I hope these parents went home & talked to these kids about what they saw.  I'd be particularly interested to hear how they explained the 10 minutes of water boarding shown in the film.

And I'm stepping off my soap box now...

Last night, Scout did a little multi-tasking while watching the Golden Globes.  John promised Mary Katherine that he'd teach Scout to howl over the weekend.  We're not quite there yet....

My Fitness Foe

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