Weekend Wrap Up: Belated Edition

On Saturday morning, we gathered for another cold long run.  We ran 9 miles in/around Maryland Farms & then treated ourselves to lattes & crepes at

The Perch


John's birthday was last Thursday.  On Thursday, we went to dinner at

Kayne Prime

.  On Saturday, we celebrated with friends at

The Stone Fox

.  John's friend Mike drew this terrifyingly accurate picture of John on the brown bag containing his birthday bourbon.

Ashlee cut all of her hair off the day before John's party.  Naturally, a pompadour contest ensued.  The jury is still out on who's pompadour is higher.

At some point, a DJ started playing bad music & we took our party to Church Street, specifically to Blue Genes - a gay karaoke bar, which, according to Rev. Scott K. on


, is "the gay Cheers of Nashville".  Thank you for that, Reverend.

'Gay Cheers' was everything I hoped it would be & more.  Well, aside from the smoking.  I'm convinced sitting in a room full of smokers for hours is what brought on the head cold I've been suffering through all week.  Acute lung pain aside, we had a blast.  John sang Elton John, obviously.  OBVIOUSLY.

I woke up with lung cancer on Sunday & didn't do a lot.  Neither did Linda.  John & Linda bounced back.  I, however, did not & have been dying a slow death all week.  Thus the belated post.  I've got to run 10 miles this weekend, so I'm hoping to shake this cold ASAP.

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