A Year of Races

I thought it might be fun to look back at all the races I competed in this past year.  It's funny looking at these pictures & realizing I basically have a lady gang that I run with over & over again.

February:  Preds 5K

You can probably tell by the fact that I'm wearing a tank top that this picture isn't from the Preds 5K, but I did run that race with Claudia & this is the only picture I have of us from a race.  I love the Preds 5K & run it every year.  I highly recommend it.  You run through downtown & you get free Preds tickets!  

Random fun fact:  the first year I ran this race it was my first 5K & it took me 45 minutes.  Forty-five minutes!  Ha!

March:  Tom King Half Marathon

This was my first half marathon & I ran it with Cara & Jaime.  While Cara's currently training for motherhood, Jaime & I are training for the NOLA Half in February & the Oak Barrel Half in April.  We're a good team.

April:  Richland Creek Run

This is actually a picture from the Germantown 5K, but I ran the Richland Creek Run with Lana (& Jenn), so just imagine us on a greenway instead of a city street.

I'm a big fan of this race.  It's 5 miles, the course is good, the crowd is good & the long-sleeved t-shirts are designed by Hatch Show Print.

May:  Girls On the Run 5K

Well, this is one of the worst pictures of me ever taken.  Good god.  Last May was a fat month, clearly. After Tom King, I had a hard time getting back into running, yet I was still eating like I was training for a half marathon.  And here's what happens after 2 months of that.  Yikes.

May:  Yazoo Barely a 4K Beer Run

This was my favorite Yazoo run because it was on MY BIRTHDAY!  The run sucked, I think Heidi & I walked the whole thing, but the beer was glorious & I won a bunch of ridiculous raffle prizes (see below).

Here I am after many beers (it was my birthday!) & many prizes.  

July:  Yazoo Barely a 4K Beer Run

This Yazoo race was hilarious.  We all ran in different colored capes & we ran from the taproom  in The Gulch down 8th Ave & back up 12th Ave.  Not a part of town that sees a lot of runners, especially ones with capes flying behind them.  Well done, Neil.  Well done.

August:  Tomato 5K

Every summer, East Nasty hosts a free Couch to 5K program called Potato To Tomato.  I was one of the coaches this year.  I really enjoyed doing this & will probably coach again this summer.  Here is Lana & I with our 2 favorite Potatoes:  Cat & Astrid.

August:  Girls Tri It On Triathlon

From left to right:  Alicia, me, Allison, Heidi

2012 was a banner year for fitness firsts.  I ran my first half marathon in March & competed in my first triathlon in August.  Training with these ladies all summer was a blast & I can't wait to do it again soon for our next tri in May.

October:  Germantown 5K

This is obviously after running the race, as we are holding our free beers.  I love this race & run it every year.  I like to get a little 8am free beer buzz, go home, shower & then come back for Oktoberfest.  It's a good day.

October:  Giles County 10K

From left to right:  Allison, Heidi, me, Melanie, Jenn, Mary Katherine

The Giles County Sheriff's Department puts on a race in the fall.  When a Sheriff asks you to come run a race on his farm, you do it.  This race was so much fun!  We all loved the race & Mary Katherine won & got this hilarious commemorative glass plate & Sundrop medal.  I assume this will become a yearly event for us, especially since Mary Katherine has to defend her title.

November:  Mayor's Challenge 5K

Because Nashville is awesome & has a great Mayor, we have a free 5K once a year.  This year I walked it with my parents & had a blast.  Even though it was November, you can tell from the picture that it was a gorgeous day.

November:  Boulevard Bolt

Another race I've made an annual event is the Boulevard Bolt that takes place on Thanksgiving Day.  It's a flat, out & back, 5 mile race that alleviates some of the guilt for everything you're going to eat that day.

December:  Yazoo Barely a 4K Beer Run

This is me, Jonell, Lana & Melanie at last month's Christmas Yazoo race.  The course was ridiculous.  We didn't even run a full 2 miles, but nobody cared because we donated over $5,000 worth of toys to The Last Minute Toy Store.

December:  26.4.26

My last race of the year & it was an impromptu one organized 4 days prior.  This is me, Heidi & Jaime after the run. We ran 6.5 miles to raise money & awareness for Newtown, CT.

As far as 2013 goes, I'm already registered for 3 big events:  1) Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon in New Orleans; 2) Oak Barrel Half Marathon in Lynchburg; & 3) Cedars of Lebanon Triathlon.  Off to a good start!

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