Weekend Wrap Up: Women Be Shopping Edition

On Friday's Pancake Run, I tripped over a broken sidewalk, launched into the air, performed a triple salchow & basically erased two of the knuckles on my right hand.  But I didn't land on my knees, so...  yay?

This picture is (gasp) actually from Thursday, but it ties into my whole 'women be shopping theme' so I'm including it.  My mom had a Nordstrom gift card, so I met her at Green Hills Mall to help her spend it.  At Nordstrom, we were both introduced to Jo Malone, who kind of rocked our perfume world.  My mom spent her gift card on the perfume & bath oil, while I got enough samples to last me until I can afford to buy my own.  The combo I'm obsessed with is Pomegranate Noir bath oil with Wild Bluebell cologne.  Meow!

Also pictured, yet another grey cardigan (I needed this one!), another gold spiky bracelet (my H&M one is already turning - shocking) & THESE BOOTS!  Y'all, these boots are the deal of the century.  I wanted the pricey Madewell Zipcode boots, but they were sold out (tear).  I had heard Clarks had good boots, but I had never been in there.  Turns out, there's a Clarks store right outside of Nordstrom, & they were having a huge sale.  The boots I wanted weren't on sale, of course, but I decided to buy them anyway.  They were $139 - whatever.  But!  When they ring me up, the boots are only $59!!!  In your face, Madewell!

On Friday, I went back to Green Hills to spend the lululemon gift card my parents gave me for Christmas.  Plus, I needed to replace the running gloves I ruined on my fall that morning.  I bought a second, much-needed Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve top.  These are my favorite running tops - FYI.  Then I meandered around Hill Center, buying some clearance items at Paper Source & lusting over things at West Elm before heading back home (it was snowing pretty good at this point).

On Saturday, determined not to buy anything else & to do something productive with my day, I went down the street to Publix, PetSmart & Target.  Oh, Target.  You get me every time.  Fact:  I had two $25 Target gift cards.  Fact:  I "needed" a third pair of running tights.  Fact:  I forgot I already spent one of my gift cards on jeggings (like you do).  So yeah, I bought all of this.  Whatever, the gift card paid for the tights & the rest of it was on clearance.  YOLO.

It snowed like crazy all day on Saturday, which luckily kept me from going anywhere else that sells things I can buy with cash money.  I spent the rest of the day inside reading my new library book, Life After Death, which I am LOVING, by the way.

On Saturday night, Tiff & Chris were in town from NYC & wanted to meet for dinner.  John & I have loved Anatolia for just about the entire 8 years we've been together, but I've recently discovered their chicken stew & I'm obsessed with it.  It's all I think about when it's cold outside.  So we met Tiff & Chris there, warmed up over hummus, stew & kabobs & did what we do when they're in town, borderline harass them about moving to Nashville.  Sorry y'all, it's done out of love.

Yesterday was the 8 week mark from my next half marathon:  NOLA Half.  So...  shit's about to get real.  We decided to run 7 miles yesterday.  What we didn't know, is that it would be 22 degrees outside.  I, like most people, run better in the cold.  But 22 degrees?  Twenty-two degrees is a wild card.  Will I run better?  Will I slip & fall, AGAIN?  Will I ever get the feeling back in my butt?  All valid questions.  Turns out, yesterday was an awesome run.  Granted, it took hours to get the feeling back in my legs, but...  7 miles!

Because I can't quit documenting THE GREAT FALL OF 2012, I leave you with this:  a picture of my hand 2 days after the fall.  RIP, knuckle.  RIP...

2012: The Year In Review

Happy Christmas!