Weekend Wrap Up: All I Do Is Go To Christmas Parties Edition

On Friday night, my very talented friend Gio had an art show in East Nashville.  Beforehand, I met my girl Carrie at Fat Bottom for much needed after-work, de-stress beers.  God, Friday...

I love Gio so hard.  Here are some very bad pictures of very good art.  It was amazing in person.  Yay, Gio!

My Warby Parker glasses came on Friday!  I went with Ainsworth, which was option #1.  I love them!  I put those suckers on & we headed out for the Christmas with the Colverts party.  Y'all, I did three events on Friday night.  And I had been up since 5am.  It was like I was 32 again!

Saturday morning was another Yazoo Barely a 4K Beer Run, but this one was Christmas-themed.  Instead of paying a race registration fee, we all brought $20 worth of toys to benefit The Last Minute Toy Store, who's goal for this year is to serve 5,000 people in the community.  Pastor Paul Slentz spoke before the race.  With the events of the day before on everyone's mind, we were all a little emotional.  Being part of something like this helps.  I don't know the final count, but I know that Yazoo collected & donated at least $5,000 worth of toys to Pastor Slentz & The Last Minute Toy Store as soon as the race was over.  I may have cried in my beer a little.

Y'all, this dog.  I mean, does it even need a caption?  Not really.  He had a brother in a coordinating outfit, but I couldn't get them both in the same picture, which I will regret for the rest of my life.

I take a circuit class every Tuesday & Thursday morning that I affectionately refer to as 'Hell Class'.  It's kind of a cult.  On Saturday night, John & I went to the holiday party for Hell Class.  This is my Hell Class partner-in-crime, Lana.  It was hilarious trying to recognize everyone in full hair & makeup as we're used to seeing each other in various stages of being upside down & one more burpee away from cardiac arrest.

Sunday morning was another NOLA training run.  Since we ran the Yazoo race the day before & some of us had also ran Friday, we opted for a flat, out & back route.  We ran 6 miles at Shelby, then completely negated it with lattes & breakfast biscuits at Barista Parlor.

Last night I watched White Christmas & wrapped all of our Christmas presents.  As you can see, Linda helped by laying on everything & making sure every present was sufficiently covered in white fur.  You're welcome.

I came back into the living room later & found Linda laying in front of the tree like this.  You know, like she had wrapped all of those presents.  Bless her...

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