Friday Links

Kate Spade has a new, lower-priced line called Saturday coming out in March.  Prices will range from $30 for jewelry to $100 for clothes.  (Making It Lovely)

I received my new Smitten Kitchen cookbook this week!  I love it so much!  Congrats, Deb!  Get your own copy here.  (Smitten Kitchen)

There are few things that I find as relaxing as painting my own nails.  But...  I'm actually not very good at it, which is why this tip from Birchbox has changed my life.  (Birchbox)

I put this on Facebook, but in case you haven't already seen it, I highly recommend it:  Your Guide to the Indistinguishable Men of Nashville.  (Vulture via Girls of a Certain Age)

Tom Hanks Performs Slam Poetry About "Full House".  Just watch it.  (Jimmy Fallon)

Weekend Wrap Up: Anthony Bourdain Edition

Halloween Party Pictures!