Weekend Wrap Up: I'm Baaaack!

Friday was a banner day.  My purse may be in Israel, but my Madewell cardie is here!  I'm going to love this cardigan so hard.  Thanks to Birchbox for the coupon.

I decided to put my Tattly on Friday night.  First, I wore it to get my hair cut, then I took my Tattly to The Gulch to celebrate my friend Sarah's 30th birthday at the Yazoo Taproom.

This is at Yazoo.  Heidi & Allison begged to pose with my Tattly (not really).  Also, note my freshly coiffed hair.  Thanks, Jordan!

Between being out of town, dog-sitting & having an HVAC repair guy stomp through our house, our house was possibly the dirtiest it's ever been.  I was seriously debating calling Merry Maids, but then I drank 100 cups of coffee & did it myself.  It counted as my cardio for the day.  I broke for lunch.  John woke up & we met Mike & Amanda at Wild Hare where I rewarded myself with both a BLT & an Abita Purple Haze.  Why does beer taste so good at 2pm?

On Saturday night, Jaime & I saw Sleepwalk With Me at the Belcourt.  It was really good!  I've been tearing up the Belcourt lately.  I guess I should become a member.

Fall!  Sunday!  Crockpot!  I made beef stew yesterday & it was delicious.  Thank you cooler temps & a working HVAC unit.

I met Jaime for an early morning run through the Richland Creek Greenway yesterday.  I wore a tank to show off my Tattly to the entirety of Sylvan Park, like you do, but froze because it was like 40 degrees yesterday morning.  Not really.  I honestly have to idea what the temp was, but it was cold.

I'm a HUGE Paul Thomas Anderson fan & have been chomping at the bit to see his new movie, The Master.  John & I finally saw it yesterday.  Whoa!  Have y'all seen this movie?  It's really good & really crazy.  Also, a taaaaaad long...  But worth it.  Joaquin Phoenix will BLOW YOUR MIND.  As usual for P.T. Anderson, the cinematography, the music & the acting is first-rate.  Get thee to the theater & see this movie.


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