Weekend Wrap Up: Halloweekend Edition

I have a few Halloween traditions & one of them is watching my special anniversary edition DVD of Halloween.  1978 Jamie Lee Curtis, I love you so much.

Another Halloween tradition ("tradition") is throwing a Halloween party.  This year was our fourth party.  I spent too long cleaning, cooking & obsessively re-arranging furniture, so I was still getting dressed when our friends started arriving.  Oops!  Luckily, Jenn & Rogers were some of our first guests & Jenn jumped in & made one of my dips while I finished getting ready.  Thanks, gurl!

This year, I decided to dress up as Material Ghoul, aka a scary version of Madonna's "Material Girl".  I finally found a pink dress, albeit one with a halter top, & my awesome friend Natalie cut that halter top off & hemmed it.  Voila!  A pink strapless dress!  Thanks, Natalie!

This picture above was my Pinterest Halloween makeup inspiration.  Seems do-able, right?  Right...

Makeup FAIL.  Well, I tried.  I needed better makeup.  Next year.  Luckily, no one else had seen the Pinterest picture, so everyone thought I looked terrifying.  I especially freaked out a couple East Nasty friends who have only seen me in running gear.  Ha!

This year's party was AWESOME!  Thank you all so much for coming.  I know I say this every time, but I swear, this was the most people we've ever had in our house.  And you all dressed up!  OMG, your costumes were so good.  I'm looking at you, Mary Katherine & Marshall.  My friend Brian took pictures & I'll post them as soon as he gets them all uploaded.  Stay tuned!

A lot of my friends brought food, which helped a lot.  Owl Katie:  thank you for the vegetarian chili!  June Carter Cash Katie:  thank you for the pumpkin dip!  I ate it all day Sunday!

Aside from eating leftover pumpkin dip, the only things I did on Sunday were watch AMC's Fear Fest & read the latest People magazine.  This in-depth investigation they did on girls who date guys who look like their dad is especially hard-hitting.  I suggest you all go out & get a copy.  Life changing.

Linda didn't do a lot on Sunday either.  Running around & getting petted all night at the party is probably the most exercise she's had all year.  She woke up & watched Cujo (Cujo!) with me, but other than that, she slept all day.  Bless her...

Happy Almost Halloween!

Halloween Party Pictures!