Weekend Wrap Up: Giles County Edition

On Friday night, I got out my Halloween box & started going through all of our old costumes & masks.  Naturally, this happened.

From left to right:  Allison, Heidi, me, Melanie, Jenn & Mary Katherine.

At 6:00am on Saturday, these girls arrived at my house & I drove them to Lynnville for the Giles County Run For Others race.  It was a 5K & a 10K, but we all ran the 10K.  The race was put on by the Giles County Sheriff's Department & the proceeds go towards buying Christmas presents for kids.

This is me with Giles County Sheriff, Kyle Helton.  For those of you who have never seen me in person, I am not a midget.  Kyle is just 100 feet tall.  Sheriff Helton is a runner & when he found out I am also a runner, he asked me to come run this race, & to bring friends.

It was great!  We ran 6.3 hilly miles through the Lynnville countryside.  We got mooed at by cows, scarily stared at by bulls & inquisitively watched by horses.  I heard sounds I have never heard before.  I'm talking to you, cows.

When we got there, I teased Mary Katherine that she was going to win this race.  She looked around & insisted she would not.  Yeah, she totally won the race.  These are her amazing prizes:  glass commemorative plate, Sun Drop medal & Breast Cancer Awareness basket of goodies.  Mary Katherine winning the race made the 3 hour roundtrip drive soooo worth it.

At this point, we had all been up for 5+ hours, had run 6.3 miles & were STARVING.  So we stopped in Columbia at Cracker Barrel, like you do.  It may have been the best breakfast I've ever had.

On Saturday night, John & I headed east for the first bonfire of the season at Camp Mossy Wilson.  Heidi made Texas chili & beer cheese soup, of which I had a bowl of both, like you do.

And of course no bonfire is complete without s'mores.  I probably had a million of these.  Yum!

Yesterday we made our annual Halloween pilgrimage to Performance Studios.  Smartly, we fueled up at Thai Kitchen first.  I snapped this shot of the 12 Oaks Motel as we crossed the street for lunch.  Halloween costume shopping complete, we spent the rest of the day doing house stuff.  You know, fun stuff like painting chairs & going into the crawl space to snake out clogged pipes.

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