Last week I went to Perdido Key, Florida with my family.  As my sister pointed out, it was the first time we've all vacationed together since she was in Seventh Grade, which was depressingly almost 20 years ago.

I walked down to the beach on the first day & my dad & brother-in-law threw this at me.  It's some kind of fin, presumably from a shark.  It smelled like rotting shark flesh, so we played with it for a few minutes, then threw it back in the water.

This is me & my sister, April.  Because I get asked this all the time - we're 3 years apart.  I'm older.

Here are my 4 nieces:  Abigail (6 years old), Jessica (3 years old) & twins Hannah & Hailey (2 years old).  One of the twins was interested in the ocean, but for the most part, the girls were terrified of the open water & wanted to stay in the pool.

My dad buried himself in the sand.  It actually kind of terrified/confused the girls, but eventually they came over & helped put sand on him.  Here is Jessica (the bravest of the four) covering his legs.

"You wanna buy a watch?" said THE CRANE.  This guy came up to us one day at a restaurant & wouldn't leave.  It got hilarious real quick.

You'll remember back to this conversation that I posted between my sister & I about a family photo on the beach.  I've been relentlessly teased about not owning khakis, or as Alexis asked, "not even a little white sundress?"  I refused to be in the picture as a matter of principle - John wasn't there, so it was incomplete.  Well, you can see I lost that argument.  I may have lost the battle, but not the war, as I am not, in fact, wearing khakis.

There are a million more pictures on Flickr.  I also have some videos, which I may post as soon as I figure out how to rotate them.

P.S. I promise my brother-in-law was on this vacation.  He just smartly avoided most of the photos.

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