Weekend Wrap Up: Tight Pants & Tatts Edition

Eager to use the products from my new September Birchbox, I painted my nails Friday night using Color Club in Status Update & OPI in No Room For The Blues.

On Saturday morning, I met Allison for a ride on the Shelby Bottoms Greenway.  Unbeknownst to us, there was a walk/run going on, so we had to make up a detour, but we still got a 12.3 mile ride in.

After the ride, we treated ourselves to coffee & fancy breakfast sandwiches at Barista.  For whatever reason, we started talking about record labels & decided that if we were to start our own label, which we're not, we'd name it Tight Pants & Beards, or Tight Pants & Tatts, or Tight Pants & Beards & Tatts & Flannel.  We assuredly had had too much coffee, but we thought it was hilarious.

Saturday afternoon, I decided to treat myself (treat yo self!) to a much coveted pair of black shorts to wear over tights for fall/winter.  Black shorts, such an elusive item!  Who knew?  It took all day & a lot of driving, but I finally found a pair on clearance at GAP.  They were just $10!  Score!

Pardon the ridiculous Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader pose.  I'm not used to posing for pictures that include my feet.  I digress.  So this is probably going to be the base outfit for my fall wardrobe:  black shorts (I promise I'm wearing shorts in this picture), tights, booties, some kind of shirt & either a grandpa/Olsen twin sweater or a thrifted tuxedo jacket/blazer.  Top knot optional, but highly likely as I refuse to do anything else with my hair right now.

On Saturday night, we met Brian & Jessica for dinner at Mad Donna's.  I had previously only eaten brunch there, but was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed their dinner.  I got the Ghetto Bird:  chicken strips tossed in Rayfo’s “HOT” Chicken sauce, lettuce, tomato, and pickle on a hoagie roll. Buttermilk ranch for dippin’.  It was delicious!

On Sunday morning, I met Allison & Becca at Percy Werner to run the 5.8 trail.  About halfway up 3 mile hill, a passerby stopped us & warned us that a dead rattlesnake was up ahead & not to be scared.  Um, thanks?  So yeah, there was totally a dead rattlesnake on the trail.  Shockingly, that wasn't the grossest part.  No, the grossest part was the swarm of bees that descended upon it's carcass, including inside it's dead snake mouth.

Later, we were discussing what would happen if you got stung by one of those disgusting dead snake eating bees & I jokingly quipped, "Snake AIDS".  And so it came to be that the first band on our record label, Tights Pants & Tatts, will be Snake AIDS.  Oh wait, it gets better.

Later I was relaying this story to John.  To know my husband is to know his skepticism at new information &  his astoundingly quick ability to obtain information from Wikipedia.  Within seconds, he confirmed that there are bees who eat things like dead rattlesnakes.  Guess what they're called? Guess!  You'll never guess.  Meat bees.  MEAT BEES!!!

So whenever Allison & I form our imaginary record label, Tight Pants & Tatts, our first band will be Snake AIDS & at the Snake AIDS record release show, Meat Bees will be the opener.  It's going to be epic.

I'm really into pretending it's 20 degrees cooler than it really is.  In my attempt to keep this fantasy alive, I made chili & jalapeno corn bread muffins for dinner last night.  Our house was a sweltering 76 degrees, but this chili was DELICIOUS.

Happy fall, y'all!

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