Weekend Wrap Up: Louisville Edition

John & I have had pretty busy summers, respectively.  I spent all summer coaching a Couch to 5K group & training for a triathlon, while John has been burning the candle at both ends on a huge multi-month project, while also carrying his usual workload.  We needed a break.  This weekend we treated ourselves (treat yo self!) to a 24-hour vacation in Louisville, Kentucky.  Louisville is about three hours north of Nashville.  We took the Dixie Highway part of the way & passed Wigwam #2 in Cave City, Kentucky.

We stayed at the super cool 21c Museum Hotel, which we loved.  The entire hotel is a museum, including your room.  Anyone can come in & walk around, but only guests are allowed upstairs on the floors where the rooms are.

This is our super cool hotel room.  It was pretty awesome.  I had read bad reviews, mostly related to noise, but we didn't have any problems.  Definitely recommend this hotel.

I made dinner reservations at Chef Edward Lee's, of Top Chef fame, restaurant, 610 Magnolia.  We haven't been to Catbird Seat yet, but it appears to be a similar set-up.  We did all 4 courses & I did the wine pairing.  It was so good!!!  It was so expensive!!!  We loved it!  I may have to do a separate post on what we ate.  Stay tuned!

After our super fancy, super awesome dinner, we headed back to 21c to walk around & enjoy the hotel bar, which came highly recommended.  We both had a drink & then walked around a little.  I may or may not have interacted with some of the art...

We got up the next morning & headed to East Market Street for brunch.  Toast came highly recommended & it didn't disappoint.  I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season!

I had a hard time deciding what to order because it all looked so good.  John got a western scramble, so I decided to go the sweet route & ordered the lemon souffle pancakes with vanilla custard & blueberry compote.  Y'all.  These pancakes BLEW MY MIND.  Thank God this place is three hours away...

After brunch, John took control of the vacation & drove us around to various abandoned artillery bunkers & nuclear reactor sites, like you do.  He tried to trespass into the abandoned military whatever & I had to intervene.  I could hear gunfire.  And not far-off gunfire either.  He took one last look at the electrified, barbed wire fence he was seconds away from scaling & reluctantly climbed back into the car.

On the way home, I remembered there's a Zappo's outlet store somewhere near Louisville.  Thank you, Google.  We not only found it, it was open!  It was nuts.  It was like the Off Broadway Opry Mills location on a Saturday, during Christmas, times 1,000.  Cra.

I ran around grabbing shoes like it was a contest, albeit one I was winning, when I overheard some teenage girls reference all the boots being 50% off.  Que?  A few minutes later, an employee confirmed that yes, all boots (& shoes) are 50% off.  In addition, he pointed up to a sign hanging from the ceiling, shoes with a blue sticker are 60% off & shoes with a purple sticker are 70% off.  This is 50, 60 & 70% off the already discounted outlet price.  So all the shoes I had that I thought were $50, were $25, at the most.  I lost my mind, but luckily not my wallet as my sweet, sweet husband paid for my shoe-apoolaza.

I never thought I'd say this, but yay, Kentucky!

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