Birchbox Review: August

Although I was excited when I heard the August Birchbox would be a back-to-school theme, I was disappointed upon receiving it.  Here's what I got & why I was let down.

Caldrea | Hand Soap

  • Birchbox description:  A delicious-smelling soap loaded with aloe vera & olive oil to soften hands.  Full-size, $10.50
  • My review:  This smells amazing, but it's $10.50, plus $5 for shipping.  I just don't pay that much for hand soap.  Also, a hand soap sample?  Meh...

Juicy Couture | Viva la Juicy La Fleur

  • Birchbox description:  This modern scent is a feminine blend of wild berries, mandarin & waterlily.  Full-size, $70
  • My review:  If my 6 year old niece were allowed to wear perfume, I'd give this to her as 6 is clearly Juicy's target age.

stila | smudge stick waterproof eye liner

  • Birchbox description:  Swap your plain black liner for this shimmery update - it'll make your eyes stand out.  Full-size, $20
  • My review:  I gave this eye liner to my friend Jenn because it was more her color.  She tried it, but said the glitter fell into her eyes.  FAIL.

Yu-Be | Moisturizing Skin Cream

  • Birchbox description:  This best-selling Japanese cream hydrates chapped lips, rough heels & cracked hands.  Full-size, $16
  • My review:  This was something else I was disappointed to see in my box.  First of all, why August?  Shouldn't this be something we receive in the harsh winter months?  Also, the teeny tiny sample size is kind of ridiculous.  I'll use it in January when I have "chapped lips" &/or "cracked hands" & report back.

Final Thoughts:

Of the three Birchboxes that I've received, this is my least favorite.  Aside from the hand soap, which honestly seemed like a crap sample, everything else in the box was too young for me.  I am a 36 year old professional woman.  I don't need glitter eye liner & wild berry scented perfume.

I'm not going to cancel my subscription yet, but...  strike one, Birchbox.  I'm not going to continue paying $10/month for a razor & hand soap.

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