Weekend Wrap Up: Tri Tri Again Edition

On Friday night, my friend from work, Natalie, got married.  This is me with Jillian & Freya.  The reception was in Franklin at McConnell House.  It's a little bit of a haul, but if you're looking for a venue, it's really cool.  And the food was amazeballs.  Red Pony does their catering.

These are all my new work friends at McConnell House on Friday night, from left to right:  JoEllen, Jenn, me, Freya & Jillian.  Heart these girls!

On Saturday, I got up early to coach East Nasty's Potato To Tomato, then hit Ugly Mugs for coffee & breakfast bagels (team The Italian Job!).  We decided to take advantage of tax free weekend & went to NRC to pick up odds & ends for our Tri.  I finally broke down & bought a Sweaty Band.  For those of you who don't know, it's a $20 piece of elastic, but it really does work & I need a way to keep my bangs out of my eyes during the Tri.  I also bought another pair of Swiftwick socks.  I love these socks!

John was out of town this weekend, so I hung around the house a lot.  I bought flowers for this thrifted mason jar I found the last time I was in Lewisburg.  You can't tell, but it's pretty big & it's that neat blue-ish tint.  I also watched Friends With Kids, which I LOVED!  Have y'all seen this movie?  It's so much better than I expected!

On Saturday night, I met Hot Koh Koh for dinner at Korea House.  Although everyone there knows me because John & I eat there like once a week, I teased Julie that eating there with her gave me Korean street cred, haha.  Dinner was great.  Julie (an Ironman) talked me through all my Tri-anxiety.  Plus, more importantly, she showed me all the different things on the menu that I need to try.  Thanks, Julie!

Yesterday, we did our first run through of the Tri.  The race is at the Maryland Farms Y, so we met there.  This was our first swim in a 50 meter pool & it was also our first swim in our tri suits.  My friend Jenn went with us to help us with our swimming & it really helped.  (Thanks, Jenn!)

We got there at 10:00am & just barely made it before the storms hit.  The second we got back to our cars, it started pouring.  But we did it!  We swam, we biked, we ran.  Man, you guys weren't kidding about how hard it is to run after getting off the bike.  Ugh!

I feel soooo much better now that I've practiced the whole thing.  I could stand more practice on the bike & a little more practice in the 50 meter pool, but I feel good, which is good since the race is in TWO WEEKS!!!

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