Weekend Wrap Up: Tomato Edition

I've needed new running shoes for awhile now.  I finally treated myself (treat yo self!) to a new pair.  I tried NRC for the first time & was really pleased.  My new shoes look cra, but so far I'm really into them.  They're Karhu, which is a Finnish brand.  We'll see!

Saturday was East Nashville's annual Tomato Festival.  It was also the Tomato 5K that I've been coaching East Nasty's Potato To Tomato couch to 5K program for all summer.  For most of our runners, this was their first 5K.  Our group did great!  I'm so proud of them!!!

Above are the two women I coached all summer, Astrid & Cat.  They killed it!  Congrats, you two!  I better start seeing you at the regular East Nasty Wed night runs soon.

This is a group shot of all the East Nasty Potato To Tomatoes, coaches & runners.  I believe this was the biggest year yet.  The coaches are in red, the participants are in white.

This is a group shot of the Potato To Tomato coaches.  I'm so glad I did this.  It was a big time commitment & I had to work in extra runs on the three days a week I coached, but it was totally worth it.  I'll definitely coach again next year.

Switching gears, we met our friends at Corsiar Artisan Distillery on Saturday night to celebrate Brian's 40th birthday.  Above is me & MHG, our birthday hostess for the night.  Great party, Melissa!

After Corsair, we headed East to celebrate our friend Buckley's 30th birthday.  MK joked that if we could just find someone turning 20, we could celebrate all the major birthdays in one night.  Ha!

So...  yeah, this happened.  Again.  I can't be helped.  I met Julie (Hot Koh Koh!) at Maryland Farms yesterday to get in one more swim practice in the outdoor 50 meter pool.  We swam for a little over an hour.  Julie had me swim a bunch of drills & really worked with me on my breathing.  It finally clicked & I think I semi-officially know how to swim now.  Thank god, since my Tri is in FIVE DAYS!!!

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