Weekend Wrap Up: I Did A Triathlon Edition!

I completed my first triathlon this weekend!!!  My friend Kristine snapped this pic of us right before the race on Saturday morning.  From left to right:  Heidi, Alicia, Allison & moi.

This is me about to cross the finish line.  It took me 43 minutes:  5:56 for the swim, 21:54 for the bike & 11:23 for the run, plus transition time.  Not bad!

Who has two thumbs & just completed her first triathlon?  This girl!

This is me & my friend Ashlee at Camp Mossy Wilson for the post-triathlon pool party.  And yes, I was wearing sunscreen.  I promise!

I fell asleep Saturday afternoon & slept through dinner, so I was starving when I woke up on Sunday.  John took me to Loveless Cafe.  I dare say I earned it.

I actually felt pretty under the weather all day yesterday.  John kept trying to convince me that I had "adrenaline poisoning", but it turns out, there is no such thing.  Shocking.  I bought some September issues & lounged around on the couch all day.  Triathlons are hard, y'all!

Full triathlon photostream here.

Warning:  there are numerous pictures of me encased in wet spandex.  For those of you who'd rather not see that much of me, consider yourself warned.  There are just some things you can't unsee...

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