Weekend Wrap Up: Fall Shopping Edition

My friend Tiffany was in town this weekend for a wedding.  This is me, Tiff & Lauren.  We ate a lot of lunch, drank a lot of coffee & had good time catching up.  On Thursday, we met for lunch at Germantown Cafe.  That's where the above picture is from.  On Friday, we met for lunch at Silly Goose, then went next door to Jeni's for dessert.  We also checked out Old Made Good, where Tiff found some super cute arrow earrings, similar to mine.

On Saturday, I met Heidi at Percy Warner & we ran the 5.8 trail.  And we saw an owl!  Like right on the trail!  It's the closest I've ever been to an actual, live owl.  It scared the crap out of me, but it was beautiful!  After our run, I picked up Tiff & we all went to Ugly Mugs for coffee & breakfast.

Saturday afternoon, I went shopping for some fall shizz.  I found these awesome shooties at Marshall's.  They were just $30!  You can't tell in this picture, but they're a pretty mossy green color.  I heart them.  I got those ridiculous socks at Target.  I wish I could quit you, chevron.  Then we have the requisite super opaque black tights.  I tend to need a new pair every year.  Finally, the shirt, which I also got at Marshall's.  It's a mullet-shirt, but I don't care because I'll probably always wear it tucked in anyway.  I went to the mall in search of a *black tuxedo jacket, but the only one I found is Elizabeth & James at Nordstrom for $395.  Thanks for nothing, Olsen twins.

*Jaime, shopping partner extraordinaire, found one online at Zara for under $100.  Score!

On Saturday night, we had our dinner pals, Michael & Becky, over to the house, then we walked next door to Korea House.  Slowly, but surely, we're introducing everyone we know to dolsot bibimbap.  You're welcome.

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