Weekend Wrap Up: Proud Mary Edition

I have a new obsession:  Barista Parlor.  The above iced coffee & sausage egg biscuit is what I rewarded myself with after coaching Potato To Tomato & swimming for an hour.  The sausage is courtesy of Porter Road Butcher & it will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Our friends Kat & Andy got married on Saturday night.  I was pretty grumpy about an outdoor wedding in July, but the heat was a lot more tolerable than I expected.  Yes, my husband is wearing a bolo tie.  Jealy?

Saturday was also Sarah Allen's 30th birthday.  She was a bridesmaid, so her birthday took a backseat to the wedding.  Until this happened.  Happy birthday, Sarah!

And... the photo shoot continues.  I like to call this, 'Proud Mary does Lebanon'.  You're welcome.

Shockingly, John even agreed to have his picture taken.  And thank god, because in mere days, this picture has become quite the internet sensation.  Looks like the 2012 Baldwin Christmas card made itself this year...

I kind of gave myself the day off yesterday.  I needed a day where I wasn't frantically working in multiple work-outs & trips to Target, Publix, Whole Foods, etc.  So I baked.  I wanted to make a peach pie, but then I remembered I'm scared of pie, so I made this honey-glazed peach tart instead.  It was delicious!  Recipe coming later this week.

Honey-Glazed Peach Tart

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