Weekend Wrap Up: Kitty Kitty Birthday Edition

My friend Alexis has a 300 lb (ish) white cat named Verbena that I like to mock by taking pictures of any kind of white cat I find at Goodwill.  Sometimes I buy them.  This was one of those times.  On Friday night, we celebrated both Alexis & Katie's birthdays at Rumour's East.  Aptly named, Kitty Kitty Birthday, stayed front & center all night.

Katie (birthday girl), Alexis (birthday girl), me & Kitty Kitty Birthday (best $5 purchase EVER).

I had to cut the Friday night festivities short so I could get up early on Saturday for the Yazoo Barely a 4K Beer Run.  This was the year anniversary of the first beer run, so Yazoo made capes for all of us to run in.  The capes were black, red & blue & each color ran a different course, so around 8am on Saturday morning, the entire Gulch/Wedgewood area was populated with runners going in different directions, wearing different colored capes.  It was awesome.

This is me & my caped running partner, Lana.  Turns out, the "barely a 4K" ended up being 2.96 ridiculously hilly miles.  There was one hill in particular that you had to be part mountain goat to run up.  In short, we earned those beers.

ENFL!  This is the majority of the East Nasties at the run.

I was supposed to swim yesterday, but decided I needed a day off.  I didn't do crap & it felt amazing.  I watched Conan O'Brien Can't Stop (so good!) & gave myself this weird Ziggy Stardust manicure.  Then I read for awhile & took a nap, like you do.  I also watched a lot of the Olympics & am now convinced that I'm going to drown in my triathlon.  I dreamt about swimming all night & got up this morning & swam 600 meters.  I didn't drown, but I'm still not as good as I'd like to be this close to the race.  Oh well, c'est la vie.

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