Weekend Wrap Up: I'll Never Be Dry Again Edition

This weekend was my first attempt at riding at a bike sans braces, or approximately 24 years.  Friday night John pumped up the tires, lowered the seat & crammed that poor bike into the trunk of my 2-door Toyota.  The ease with which he got this bike into my car went unappreciated until I had to accomplish the same feat a mere 12 hours later.  Clearly, there was a Boy Scouts badge for getting a mountain bike into the trunk of a sports sedan.

This is me about to take off on my maiden voyage.  Also of note, this was the last time I was dry for oh, about the next 2 hours.

Well, the good news is, I rode 5 miles.  The bad-ish news is that I rode 5 miles in a monsoon.  But!  I rode 5 miles!  Hooray!  I can ride a bike!

To recap, on Saturday, I got up at 6am, drove to East Nashville, coached Potato To Tomato for an hour, THEN rode my bike for 5 miles in a monsoon.  Yeah, I needed breakfast.  And coffee.  So Heidi & I (& Andy - hi, Andy!) took our soaked selves to Barista Parlor.  I veered from the sausage biscuit & got the breakfast sandwich instead.  I loved it!  You can't lose at this place.  Oh, also, this happened.

I honest to God spent the rest of the day in bed trying to keep warm & fight off impending, inevitable pneumonia.  I finally roused myself for dinner with the Childrey's & the Paulson's next door at Korea House.

On Sunday, Jaime & I ran the 5.8 at Percy Warner.  Later, I took John to Bella Nashville for the first time.  He loved it!  Then we went to the Belcourt to finally see Moonrise Kingdom.  Y'all!  We LOVED this movie!  I'm totally going to see it again.  So good!!!

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