Weekend Wrap Up: Hot In Herre Edition

It was insanely hot in Nashville this weekend.  Luckily, we never lost power, but it was miserable both inside & out.  My friend Amanda finished Fifty Shades Of Grey, so we met for dinner on Friday night to talk about our shared love/hate of this ridiculous book.  Currently, we're both about halfway through the second book, Fifty Shades Darker.

On Saturday morning, I received my first produce delivery from Walter with Naturally Yours.  I'm pretty excited to use all of this throughout the week, especially the lemon basil.  I'm a coach for East Nasty's Potato To Tomato couch to 5K program this summer, so I had to book it over to Shelby Bottoms for a very hot 7am training run.  After the run, I meet Heidi, Jessica & Alicia at the pool for our first official tri swim practice.  Oh yeah, I'm doing a tri sprint in August, so I'm frantically trying to learn how to swim & ride a bike.

Trying & failing to keep our house at a comfortable temperature all day, we gave up & went to the movies.  We wanted to see Moonrise Kingdom at the Belcourt, but the AC had gone out the night before & I was worried it was still broken or would go out again.  So we saw Prometheus instead.  Y'all, this movie is NUTS.  It definitely took my mind off the heat though.

On Sunday, I got up super early & attempted to run 3 miles with Jaime.  We made it to 2.8.  It was just too hot.  I tried.  My friend Natalie is getting married in August, so Jenn & I drove to Nolensville for her bridal shower.

Back at home, I kind of refused to leave the house for the rest of the day & became obsessed with making our house cooler.  I found this old fabric & decided to make some much needed kitchen curtains.  John is the seamstress in our family, so he measured, cut & sewed.  And here we are.  One hem is about two inches shorter than the other one.  I'll eventually get around to fixing it, but for now I'm leaving them as is because they're keeping our hot kitchen substantially cooler.  C'est la vie...

I had big plans for dinner on Sunday night, but alas, it's really hard to cook when your house is 83 degrees.  So we went to Dalt's.  And I had a chocolate malt.  You know, like you do.

Stay cool, friends!

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