Friday Links

This week in goat news, a 'goat man' was spotted on a mountain in Utah & no, it was not my husband.  (US News)

I saw an Onion headline once that read, "Entire Facebook Staff Laughs As Man Tightens Privacy Settings".  I'm honestly of the mindset that nothing you do online is ever private, regardless of your "privacy settings", but...  for those of you who still believe, this article has some really good tips:  How to Stay on Facebook and Protect Your Privacy at the Same Time.  (The Daily Beast)

Sometimes I feel like a sub par blogger because I don't have a legit camera & I don't use Photoshop.  This week, Design*Sponge did me a solid by sharing their 10 Favorite Photo Editing Apps.  (Design*Sponge)

As a former resident of Williamsburg, I'm allowed to make fun of it:  J Crew in Williamsburg.  (Fashionista)

My love of Philip Seymour Hoffman is unrivaled, although coming in at a close second is my love of Paul Thomas Anderson.  New movie The Master comes out in November.  (Yewknee)

Book Review: The Pleasure Of My Company

Weekend Wrap Up: The Blonde Mule Rises Edition