Friday Links

This NY Times blog post has been making the rounds on the internet all week.  If you haven't read it yet, I'll highly suggest doing so.  People using "busy" as an excuse is one of my pet peeves, although since I've started this new job, I've caught myself doing it, too.  This is a good reminder to reign it in & quit wearing my busyness as a badge of honor.  Good reads.

Speaking of reading, humor writer Jen Lancaster published her summer reading list.  She is one of my favorite authors & I've read & loved many of the books she's recommended over the years.  Take a gander at her list here.

Y'all know I love a self-manicure.  I especially love the recent trend of painting your nails two different colors.  I tried it once using reinforcement stickers from an office supply store & failed miserably.  This scotch tape method seems easier.  And cheaper.  I just need to buy some pinking shears.  Scrapbook scissor nails how-to here.

I love eggs & I love onion rings.  This recipe completes me.  True story, when I told John about it, he said, 'Oh yeah, we made those in Boy Scouts.  It was one of things we had to learn how to make & eat sans utensils.'  Of course it was.

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