Book Review: The Pleasure Of My Company

My Review

John & I rarely read each other's books, but last year when I read An Object Of Beauty by Steve Martin, John told me I should read The Pleasure Of My Company, his favorite Steve Martin book.  Well, it took me a year, but I finally read it.  A few thoughts:

  • This book is strange, even for Steve Martin.
  • The protagonist in this book is cra, literally.  
  • That being said, you'll very quickly feel a strong affection for him.
  • I laughed a lot in the beginning of this book & was surprised as my eyes welled up with tears at the end.
  • The book is so short & I read it so quickly that I don't think I realized how attached I was to the main character until it was over.

My Final Thoughts

I liked this book a lot.  It's quirkier than Steve Martin's other books, but if you're familiar with his style of writing & character development, you'll be fine.  Martin definitely enjoys creating these idiosyncratic characters that live their lives on the fringe of what most of us consider appropriate behavior.  If you like Steve Martin &/or you enjoy books & characters off the beaten path, then I recommend this book.

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