Weekend Wrap Up: I'm Right! You're Wrong! Edition

On Friday night, Abigail, my 6 year old niece, spent the night with us.  She loves our house.  She loves our stairs; she loves Linda; she loves my jewelry; & she really loves my nail polish.  I set her up a little nail station upstairs & she immediately started painting our nails.

Hilariously, she starts painting at the top of the nail & paints down to the cuticle & then covers all the surrounding skin.  It's a pretty thorough paint job, albeit a bit messy.

I don't know how many of you have experience with 6 year olds, but they like to go through all your stuff & find things that you didn't think about them finding.  I don't know, like your auxiliary makeup that you don't keep in your makeup bag.

Let's all take a minute to remember the lipstick & eyeshadow that perished this weekend.  $24 NARS lip pot, you put up a good fight, but you didn't stand a chance against a 6 year old with a seemingly endless supply of Q-tips & a love of age-inappropriate vampy red lips.  You'll be missed.  Stila eye shadow palette, same goes for you.  RIP.

This is the outfit she put on for dinner Friday night.  She calls that silk slip her "tutu".  You can't tell, but she's wearing easily 5-7 different necklaces.  Also, that purse is weighed down with all the nail polish & makeup she could fit in there.

I had all these ideas about where to take her to dinner, but she wanted pizza & she wanted to go somewhere "new".  I've already taken her to Pie In The Sky & Five Points Pizza, so we tried Pizza Perfect.  She loved it.  She wanted ice cream afterwards, so we went to Bobby Dairy's Dip.  She hated it & kept saying that she had just wanted coffee ice cream like last time.  I finally realized that she was talking about Jeni's.  Oh well.  There was a gaggle of teenage girls at Bobby's & she was content to sit there all night & stare at them.  We left when they left.

I was not even aware that we owned a magnifying glass, but apparently we do & she found it & read herself to sleep with it.  This is a big coffee table book on The Royal Wedding - Diana, not Kate.  We're really into princesses.

On Saturday morning, she woke up at 6:30 & asked for waffles, so I took her to Pancake Pantry.  Close enough.  Afterwards, we came back home & she painted her nails 100 more times, we played school & she played outside with Linda.  She was getting restless & downloading K-Pop from our OnDemand (?!?!).  I had to have her home soon, so I took her to McKay to stock up on books for summer.  She picked out a bunch of Dr. Seuss books & Disney books about princesses & then one book on sharks.  She "read" me the shark book on the way home, "Sharks live in the water.  They have teeth.  Their teeth fall out & grow back.  They have long tails.  They swim really fast."  And now you know.  Sharks.  Truth.

Yesterday was Father's Day & we spent the day in Smyrna.  Note the hilarious message tee my dad wore.  Ha!  His day, his t-shirt.  As my mom said yesterday, the apple didn't fall far....

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