Book Review: The Fault In Our Stars

I finished reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green over the weekend.  After his earlier book, Looking For Alaska, made the local news by being banned in a few schools, Tiffany sent me his new book for my birthday (she sent me Looking For Alaska last year, which I'm now reading).

Both books are YA, but not Twilight-YA.  I honestly didn't feel like I was reading a book that I'm too old to be reading.  Sure, it's a book who's main characters are 16 years old, but it didn't feel juvenile or immature.  In fact, it felt quite the opposite as it centers around a pretty heavy issue, cancer, & child cancer at that.

The protagonist, Hazel, is 16 & has terminal cancer.  She meets & falls in love with Augustus, who lost his leg to cancer, but is currently in remission.  I really liked both of these characters.  They're kindred spirits & it's simultaneously refreshing & heartbreaking to watch their relationship develop.

Green tackles some big issues, like cancer, obviously, but also life, love & death.  The book is for ages 14 & up, but this 36 year old thoroughly enjoyed it.  In the few days since I've finished it, I've found myself thinking about Hazel & Augustus a lot & wishing their story continued.

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