Weekend Wrap Up: Sunday Supper Edition

This was the sky when I woke up on Saturday, which didn't bode well for the race I was supposed to run in an hour...

I volunteer as a Running Buddy for Girls On The Run.  I was assigned to an 8 year old girl at Julia Green Elementary in Green Hills.  I ran a practice 5K with her a few weeks back & Saturday was the actual 5K.  My little girl couldn't come because of an older sibling's graduation, so I got re-assigned to a Sixth Grader from Meigs Magnet.  This little girl was injured, so we walked the whole thing, but it was still a blast.  She's really into birds & talked about birds the whole time.  It was hilarious.

This is a great organization.  I'm going to volunteer again for the fall 5K (they do two a year, one in the spring & one in the fall).  You don't necessarily have to be a runner to volunteer.  At both the practice 5K & the actual 5K, very few girls run.  A lot of the girls will run a lap or two & then walk the rest of the time.  It's a lot of fun.  For those interested in volunteering, you can find more info here.

After the race, I celebrated Cinco De Mayo by eating left-over taco salad.  I love this taco salad so hard.  Recipe here.   Then I gave myself a much needed mani/pedi in Essie Tart Deco.

On Saturday night, we met our friends Mike & Chrissi for dinner at The Wild Hare, which was completely empty since everyone was next door at Cinco De Mayo.  I still have mixed feelings about The Wild Hare.  Their food is great, but their service isn't & it's always hot as balls in there.  The peanut butter pie keeps me coming back...

I was supposed to get up early on Sunday & run a 5 mile trail run, but the run got cancelled, so I made a pie instead.  You know, like you do.  Mary Katherine & Marshall invited us over for dinner, so I made the pie for them.  I messed up the crust, but the pie was really good & not too hard to make.  Recipe here.

Yesterday afternoon, we took Linda to Centennial Park to see our super talented friend Ashley work her booth at TACA.  Linda had a blast.  Everyone loves her, especially kids, although not so much geese as it turns out....

Last night, we went to Mary Katherine & Marshall's for Sunday Supper.  Knowing John's love of all things meat, Marshall made tri-trip, California style.  It was delicious!

This is Scout, really really hoping that someone will drop a piece of meat on the floor....  Bless her.

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