Weekend Wrap Up: Mother's Day Edition

I got my hair highlighted this weekend.  I have naturally curly hair, so I usually either wear it curly or flat iron it & wear it straight, but I COVET loose, beachy waves.  Luckily, I was Jordan's last client of the day, so she let me practice with her curling iron.  She did one side & I did the other.  It was tricky, but I figured it out.  Of course, the real test will be when I try it at home by myself....

For Mother's Day, we met for lunch at my Aunt's house.  This is me & my mom, who most recently commented that she's seen me at every weight, including my starting weight of 8 lbs.  Ha!

Most of you know that my sister has 4 daughters, thus, I have 4 nieces.  These are the youngest two:  twins Hannah & Hailey.  They turned 2 in February & are pretty mobile, to say the least.  They were fascinated with these stairs & spent all day going up & down them.  Kids!

This is me photo-bombing my sister.  This hat got a lot of action on Sunday.  My Aunt & Uncle are packing to move & one of my cousins found it in the donate pile.  We all took turns wearing it & I ended up taking it home (of course I did).  I smell a Halloween costume in the works....  Crocodile Deadee maybe?

This is my new favorite picture of John & I & will undoubtedly become our Christmas card picture next year.  Believe it.

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