Weekend Wrap Up: Long Island Edition

This weekend John & I flew to New York to see our good friend Tiffany get married.  When we landed on Friday, John immediately drove to the Tesla Wardenclyffe Laboratory in Shoreham, Long Island.  John went through a huge Tesla phase a couple of years ago & has been dying to see this tower.  In typical fashion, I stayed in the car while John broke into the grounds & trespassed to his weird heart's content.

Friday night, Chris' parents hosted a Welcome Soiree at the local yacht club.  It was great getting to see all of our old friends & meet Chris' family.  They're so nice!  Above is Lauren & I with the bride-to-be!

On Saturday, John's childhood friend, Duane, drove out to Long Island to spend the day with us.  We went to Sagamore Hill to see Teddy Roosevelt's house (& museum, grave, etc.).  It was actually a lot of fun.  To know my husband is to know his unabashed love for all things Teddy Roosevelt.  And to know me is to know that it was hot, thus I spent most of my time in the air conditioned gift shop trying on $25 buffalo hats & posting pics on Instagram.  Thank god Duane was there.  He & John spent the better half of the day chatting up this awesome, 84 year old tour guide who is an engineer in Manhattan during the week & volunteers as a tour guide on Saturdays.  He was awesome.

Saturday night was Tiffany & Chris' wedding in Lloyd Harbor, Long Island.  It was hands-down the best wedding we've ever attended.  We had such a good time.  And I took a million pictures (all on Flickr).  In fact, I'm going to stop here & give the wedding "wrap up" it's own post.  To be continued...

We got up on Sunday morning & went to a post-wedding brunch at Tiffany's mom's rental house & then we drove around a little more before heading back to the airport.  John, of course, wanted to find some abandoned mental hospital that he somehow knew about.  We found it, obvi.  It was HUGE.  It was like a college campus.  And it was terrifying.  The few pictures that I took don't do it justice.  All of the windows were broken & the walls were covered in graffiti.  More info on the King's Park Psychiatric Center here.

Stay tuned for a complete wedding wrap up!

More pics on my Flickr photostream.

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