Wedding Wrap Up: Tiff & Chris!

As I mentioned yesterday, John & I went to New York over the weekend to attend the wedding of our good friends Tiffany & Chris.  Tiffany & I met at MTSU in 1995 when we joined the same sorority (I know).  Lauren came through the following year & the three of us have been friends ever since.  After college, Lauren moved to DC & Tiffany & I moved to NYC.  Lauren would come up & spend the weekend with us a lot.  Lauren & I both moved back to Nashville after a couple of years, but Tiffany has remained in NYC.

Me & Tiff, circa 1996

Me, Lauren & Tiff, NYC, circa 2003

Me & Tiff, NYC, circa 2002

I remember when Tiffany met Chris because it was right before my wedding in 2008.  She was here a lot & she was clearly smitten.  I had never seen her like this.  I couldn't wait to meet him!  I don't remember when I finally met Chris, but it was soon after our wedding.  I loved him!  He was handsome, funny, down-to-earth & perfect for Tiffany.  He brought out a side of her that I had never seen.

Chris proposed last August & Tiffany hit the ground running planning this wedding.  In a mere 8 months, she pulled off one heck of a DIY wedding.  And in NYC no less!  I knew this wedding would be exactly what Tiffany wanted & it was; it was perfect.  As soon as I walked into the wedding, I immediately spotted all kinds of things Tiffany had pinned to her Down The Aisle We Go Pinterest board.

The wedding was perfect.  It was at The George Weir Barn/Henry Lloyd Manor House in Lloyd Harbor, Long Island.  The ceremony was outside in front of the barn.  It was a beautiful day & it started raining right as we took our seats.  Tiffany's mom walked her down the aisle under an umbrella, then Tiffany & Chris were married under a huge tree canopy.  It was tres romantic.  Our friend Ian Fay officiated the ceremony & he did an amazing job.  Ian had the genius idea of having us all hum "Here Comes The Bride" as Tiffany walked down the aisle.  It was so sweet!  Well done, Ian Fay!

The reception was inside the barn & it was GORGEOUS.  Tiffany had streams & streams of lights hung all across the expansive barn ceiling.  She also had banners & bunting hung along with the lights.  All four corners of the barn housed a different area:  bar, photobooth (!!), food & music.  Each station was labeled with a chalk sign & handmade paper flowers.  It was so cute!  Much like my friend Delaney's wedding, it looked like a professional team had come in & done this.  It in no way looked like a DIY wedding.  Good job, Tiff!

Tiffany, smartly, had the reception catered by the infamous Dinosaur Bar-B-Que & it was delicious!  It definitely lived up to the hype.  I apologize, but everything after the dinner is kind of blur due to the fact that at this point, Lauren & I had easily had about 100 bottles of white wine between us.  Caryn's boyfriend Marc was the DJ & he didn't disappoint.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I did nothing but dance for the remainder of the reception.  Oh, I did stop to go into the photobooth multiple times, of course.

I laughed, I cried, I ate, I drank (& drank), I rapped & I danced my butt off.  It was the most fun I've had in a long time & I'm so happy to have been a part of it.

Tiffany & Chris:  I am so, so happy for you.  Enjoy your honeymoon & I'll see you later this summer!


Full wedding photostream on Flickr here.

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