Weekend Wrap Up: Three Day Easter Weekend Edition

Who would shoot this furry, little dog?!

Post-race latte.

Peanut butter dipped chocolate cone.  Believe it.

Easter egg hunt:  Jessica, 3 years old.

Double trouble.  My mom with Hannah & Hailey, 2 years old.

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Friday was my first day off since Christmas.  In news that should shock no one, I spent the whole day shopping.  We're going to a wedding this weekend & I needed a dress.  What?  I needed one!

That afternoon I took Linda for her yearly vet appointment where I learned a few things, namely that Linda is full of buckshot.  Translation:  someone shot our dog.  A lot.  Who shoots dogs?!  People in Pegram, that's who.

That night we met Mike & Amanda for dinner & then John & Mike practiced their musical parts for the wedding this weekend.


I got up early on Saturday & ran the Richland Creek Run.  It's a 5 mile race that I ran last year, as well. They changed the course this year & it was a lot better.  It was gorgeous running weather & I found a fellow East Nasty to run with.  It was my first non-sucky run since the half marathon.  Maybe I'm back?

Post-race, I met MK for brunch, then ran a bunch of errands, including the very important errand of eating ice cream.  Whatever, I ran 5 miles & didn't eat lunch.  It balances out.  For dinner, we met Jeff & Ashlee for Mexican where Ashlee echoed my suspicions that I have the early stages of plantar fascitis.  It's always something....


We went to my parents' house for Easter.  My mom made a huge meal & my nieces did an Easter egg hunt.  After they found all the eggs, Abigail, the oldest of the four, ordered all the adults inside, except me, while she re-hid all the eggs.  It was hilarious.  She took all this time hiding them, while unbeknownst to her, Jessica, the three year old, was going around behind her & picking them all up.  Bless them.

Here's a short video of the youngest three going down the slide with running irrelevant commentary from my entire family about exciting topics like how long mosquito spray lasts & what time the pharmacy closes.  Enjoy.

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