Weekend Wrap Up: Peanut Butter S'mores Edition

On Friday, I met my friend Katie for dinner at Thai Star on Thompson Lane.  John has been eating lunch there lately & I wanted to try it.  It was good.  Really good service.  I'll definitely go back.  After dinner, I painted my nails & started watching Season One of Game of Thrones.  Whoa, that show is nuts!  In a good way.

On Saturday, I went where I apparently go now on Saturdays, the mall.  I had a bunch of random stuff to return & Jaime had more stuff to buy.  Everything in LOFT was 40% off, so Jaime & I both bought this cute, little zippered tee.  Then I got some much needed waterproof black eyeliner at Sephora & this awesome hair conditioner at Kiehl's.

On Saturday night, we met Dave & Alexis over at our friends' Keith & Nicole (not Urban's) house.  Someone told Nicole about this better way to make s'mores using Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  They have a fire pit, so we bundled up & sat around the fire, drinking wine, eating snacks & roasting marshmallows.  The peanut butter s'mores kind of changed my life.  At some point, I forgo the actual process & just started pushing the peanut butter cups into the marshmallow & then cramming the whole marshmallow into my mouth.  It was ridiculous & delicious.

On Sunday, we went over to Mary Katherine & Marshall's for Sunday Supper.  Marshall offered to grill pizzas for us, so I brought a bottle of wine & made a chocolate ricotta pound cake (recipe here).  The pizza was delicious.  Mary Katherine shares my love of putting an egg on it, so Marshall cracked an egg over the pancetta pizza.  So good!  Marshall also had the brilliant idea of melting some nutella to drizzle over my pound cake.  OMG!  So good!

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