Weekend Wrap Up: Late & Abbreviated Edition

On Friday night, I met the girls for dinner at The Wild Hare.  On Saturday, I met Jaime for a hot 5 mile run.  I actually got sunburned!  Post-run, John & I grabbed some pizza at Pizza Perfect.  I love that place so hard.

After lunch, I watched Heathers & painted my nails.  Heathers was pretty....  very.  I hadn't seen this movie in easily 20 years.  It's held up well!

The Country Music Marathon was in Nashville on Saturday.  On Saturday night, I met a lot of friends in town for the race for dinner at Flyte.  I've been wanting to eat at Flyte for years.  At the risk of giving Delaney a heart attack, I was honestly a little let down.  I know, I know.  The place was great, the service was great, the wine was great, but the food was...  meh.  Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing? I don't know.  I wasn't knocked out.  My wallet was though.  Badabing!

Post our meh-dinner, we went for drinks at the Hutton Hotel.  I love that place!  This was my second time there & I really liked it.  Good atmosphere, clearly since the couple across from us was making out on the couch the whole time.

I didn't have a lot to do on Sunday, so while John was cutting the grass & painting the mailbox, I made chocolate chip cookies, which I'm pretty sure we have finished off a mere 24 hours later....

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