Losing My Luster

I turn 36 in a month.  I've noticed in the past few years that I'm starting to get a little neurotic around my birthdays.  This year's neurosis is manifesting itself in a general unhappiness with my face, namely my lack of luster.  I've always had dewy, peachy skin, but now I'm all dry & red & sallowy yellow.  Oh, & hairy, but that's a whole other post.  No one warned me that at some point you basically have to start waxing your entire face.  I feel like I'm turning into a billy goat.

I digress.  Like I do when I'm obsessed with something, I talk to EVERYONE about it.  I was talking to my hair stylist because she's like 15 & gorgeous & always has good makeup.  She told me about these YouTube videos by a London based makeup artist, Pixiwoo & recommended I watch them.  OMG, y'all.  These videos are CHANGING MY LIFE.

Pixiwoo is teaching me so much.  Based on recent conversations with friends, I'm convinced no one knows how to apply eyeshadow, especially multiple colors.  Pixiwoo is here to help.  She shows how to properly use all the colors in a palette & how to blend them.  It makes so much sense!  And she tells you what products she's using.  She tells you while she's doing it & then she lists the products on the page under the video, brushes & makeup.  There are two things on my list right now thanks to Pixiwoo:  1) MAC Tempting & 2) Avon Supershock Gel Liner.  Where do you even buy Avon?

I'm also realizing that wearing foundation may solve a lot of my lackluster problems, pun intended.  I used to wear foundation, but I got lazy, quit wearing it & am having trouble working it back into my routine.

A friend turned me on to the blog, Into The Gloss.  I love it.  They interview people in the fashion industry & ask them what their favorite products are.  Thanks to this post, I'm now convinced I need a Clarisonic & am saving my pennies to buy one.

So yeah, this is what I'm obsessing about right now & probably will continue to be for the next month.  Thanks to all of my friends who are patiently answering my never-ending stream of questions about what concealer they wear & how often they use their Clarisonic.

Now, on to the Pixiwoo videos.

This is a video where she does a Friday night makeover on a friend (while drinking a pint).  This is a good video for seeing how to blend multiple colors, as well as smoking up your look for night.  Also note the use of the aforementioned Avon Supershock Gel Liner.

This video is Pixiwoo showing how to do Adele inspired makeup.  As long as I live, I'll never master the liquid eyeliner cat-eye, but for those who can, this video is for you.

Check out the Pixiwoo Channel here & here.  Read the Pixiwoo blog here, including lots of makeup tips & product recommendations.

I love you, Pixiwoo!

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